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product name: Pizza
content: tomato sause, ham, yellow cheese, pickles
weight: 225 gr.
pieces in pack: 5 psc.
product name: Snack with ham
content: ham
weight: 200 gr
pieces in pack: 10 psc.
product name: Sirenka
content: Snack with cheese
weight: 180 psc.
pieces in pack: 12 gr.
product name: Yeast yellow cheese pie (banitsa)
content: filled with yellow cheese
weight: 195 gr.
pieces in pack: 12 pcs. in a bag/ 4 bags in box (40 qty in a box)/ 56 boxes on pallet
product name: Milinki
weight: 310 gr.
pieces in pack: 6 psc.
product name: Tutmanik
content: filled with cheese
weight: 200 gr.
pieces in pack: 8 psc.