“Bai Biser” Ltd. is
for bakery shops and supermarkets
in Bulgaria and abroad
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Production base

All products made by “Bai Biser” are produced in a production base equipped with machinery in accordance with the requirements of BDS.

Production process

In our production factory the technological process follows these stages:

  • Receiving and storage of raw materials in appropriate conditions – in cold storage facility;
  • Moving of the raw materials from the storage facility and a stretching by recipes and spending limits;
  • Processing: sift of flour, kneading dough with a special machine, stretching the dough with electronic scale;
  • Lamination and cooling of the laminated dough;
  • Shaping of snacks manually or automatically depending on the range;
  • After shaping, the bakeries are frozen at a shock temperature of -22° to -30°, then packaged and stored at -18° to -20°.