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“Bai Biser” Ltd. has been on the market since 2003 as an extension of the activities of ET “Biser – Biser Rusev” created in 1992, a company producing and trading with bakeries.

For this period, our company developed its capacity both as production volume and production variety, counting most of all on the quality of the production using new and modern technology. With the equipment of the modern craft production we specialized in the production of baked snacks made by old Bulgarian recipes and satisfying the traditional cuisine demand of the mass consumer. Upgrading our competitiveness, today the brand “Bai Biser” is a symbol of good taste and quality on the market – eco-friendly and safe products, because the snacks we offer are always fresh and warm, and most important – produced without any conservants.


Our company builds its policy on the basis of planned retraining of the staff and continuous improvement of the quality of our products.

In all our bakery shops, snacks are offered always fresh and hot. All of this is achieved through planned renovation of technological equipment for the production of fresh bakery products, increasing the production capacity of the company, expansion and diversification of existing products, as well as introduction of new ones.


Our main aim is to implement in our production a standard system, in order to respond to the higher requirements of the food production market, which apply for the European union.

By developing and implementing a certification system for quality management ISO 9001-2000 / HACCP, we will respond to the EU requirements, eliminating all risk factors and providing permanent control on incoming raw materials and food quality as the final product.

In order to increase the level of customer service, our company relies not only on continuous retraining in the production process, but also to serene and responsive service in our fascilities for sale of the production to end customers.


The main activity of our company is production and sale of fresh hand-made bakery products and snacks. Our company has a growing number of own bakery shops in Varna - in specific intensive market areas registered by the Bulgarian Agency for Food.

As a result of the applied technology, all products under the brand “Bai Biser” are distinguished not only by the uniqueness of the recipes and the rich variety, but also by their quality and good price, satisfying the demands of the modern consumer.

Project name: BG-RRP-3.004-0593-C01 Technological modernization in the company.

Company: Bai Biser LTD

Value: 342 270.24 BGN, 171 135.12 BGN of which are free funding.

Start: 10.04.2023

End: 10.04.2024

Base Production factory
Employees A team of professional bakers
Red Square